We are, proud, small-business owners and employees.

We have to follow the rules. The rules allow us to continue to operate which means our staff is able to pay their bills and feed their families.

Thanks to customers like you, we will open another day.

Please, understand we are doing what it takes to be open.

We encourage you to voice your concerns to our elected officials, not our friendly and hard-working staff.


The restaurant follows the strict guidelines set forth by the health department.

We have more than ten employees who are ServSafe certified in proper food safety handling.

We follow the CDC’s guidance and encourage everyone to get a flu vaccine, take preventative actions like washing their hands often, and staying home when you are sick. This is our advice for customers and employees.

Our food supply is stable and safe.


Executive Order D 2020 138 is a mandatory statewide mask order that went into effect on midnight on July 16, 2020, and will be in effect for 30 days. It may be extended.

Fast Facts

Do I have to wear a mask at a restaurant?

Yes, people in Colorado who are 11 years and older must wear a mask when entering or exiting a restaurant. You may take the mask off when you are seated but must put it back on when you stand up to use the restroom or to leave.

What do businesses need to do to comply with the mask order?

  • The executive order states indoor businesses must refuse service to people who are not wearing masks.

  • Businesses must post signs at entrances that instruct customers they must wear a mask when entering or moving around inside the business.

What will happen if I refuse to wear a mask?

  • If you refuse to wear a mask as required in the executive order, you are violating a Colorado law and are subject to civil or criminal penalties.

  • If you try to enter a store without a mask, you may be prosecuted for trespassing.

What happens if a business does not comply with the mask order?

A licensed business is at risk of losing its license.

What should business owners or employees do if patrons refuse to wear a mask?

Business owners should refuse service to individuals not wearing masks.

What is a public indoor space?

​For the mask order, “public indoor space” means a publicly or privately owned, managed or operated, enclosed indoor area that is accessible to the public, is a place of employment, or is an entity that provides services. Public indoor space does not mean a room in a motel or hotel. Public indoor spaces include but are not limited to: Restaurants (if not seated)

Is the mask order a law?

Yes, executive orders and public health orders have the force of law. People who do not comply with the executive order may be subject to civil or criminal penalties.

Who has to wear a mask?

The order applies to people in Colorado over 10 years old when they are in a public indoor space or when they are waiting for or using public transportation or ride-shares.

Who does not have to wear a mask?

  • People who are 10 years old and younger.

  • People who cannot medically tolerate a face covering.

  • Children ages 2 and under should NOT wear masks or cloth face coverings.

What does it mean to be unable to medically tolerate a face covering?

Essentially, this means a person who has trouble breathing or anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the cloth face-covering without assistance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more from the CDC about other reasons face coverings may not be possible in every situation or for some people.

What cleaning procedures are we following?

Those recommended by the CDC.